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Doors and Windows

With recommended Energy-Star windows from our trusted suppliers, we make it possible for you to reduce heating/cooling costs while achieving your desired plan.  From custom-fit to manufactured sizes and designs of windows, we strive to provide you with the best option that suits your house, taste, and budget.


Window Types

Awning Windows

Open outward with the hinge on top, they are placed above, below, or alongside of another window


Bay (Bow) Windows

Curve outward from the exterior wall providing a great view, lots of sunlight, and magnificent presentation


Hung Windows (Single or Double)

Either only the bottom sash operates while the top part remains in place or both sashes slide vertically up and down within the frame


Operable or Non-operable Skylight Windows (Roof Windows)

            To increase the light into your house from above


Picture Windows (Also known as Stationary Fixed Windows) 

            Mostly Used in Modern- or Contemporary-style Houses)

            Large, non-operable window to customize amount of sunlight and view


Slider Window 

            Mostly Used in Modern- or Contemporary-style Houses)

            Single or double sashes sliding horizontally


Tilt/Turn Windows 

            Swing it in like a door or Tilt it at the top for ventilation with a single handle


Transom Windows

            Small in size which can be opened or fixed

            Over a door or above another window for decoration




Window Frames


Good Insulation (Possible expansion/contraction in extreme temperatures)



          Conduct heat rapidly 

          Not as energy efficient as others



         Air cavities that may be filled with insulation 

         Offer high thermal performance



        Hollow cavities that can be filled with insulation

        Good insulator

        Occasional discoloration and cracking issues though




Window Glasses

Different panes of glasses (variety in specific coatings that reflect sunlight and heat)

  • Low-E (Emittance) glasses:
    • Low-E 180: Repel heat 
    • Low-E 272: Reduce heat by 50% compared to ordinary glass
    • Low-E 366: Block up to 95% of the sun’s damaging rays

Can be tempered or heat-strengthened

Improved insulation value or solar control

Can affect your energy costs, heating, cooling, and more