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Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom or adding one is one of the most useful upgrades with the highest potential of return in investment, after kitchen remodeling, for the value of your home.  Therefore, we not only provide you with comprehensive and studied informational support but we also give extra attention to the whole process.  Our team of licensed, detail-oriented experts will provide your house with a simple makeover or an overall redo of your bathroom.  


The followings are some ideas to keep in mind as you consider your bathroom improvement project from some simple changes to adding entertainments like TV, sound system, and fireplace:



Tiling can vary depending on your taste and budget. Simpler, less expensive tiles can still make an overall difference once artistic, unique, more expensive tiles are sporadically used to add color, pattern, and character.  

The area of tiling also has great impact.  While some decide to use tiles almost everywhere, smaller makeovers can limit tiling to high-impact areas

(Examples: whole shower vs half tile/half paint, mosaic tiles above vanity and custom tile rug with distinct pattern or unusual border for adding luxury)

Consider mold- and mildew-resistant colors, preferably high quality with satin finish for painting



This is the place to save with out-of-the-box choices 

(Examples: redo versus buying new, low-cost vintage or even an old dresser with added sink)

Increase efficiency and practicalityby adding a mirror to your medicine cabinet for grooming or pullout shelves for storage 

Best place to incorporate your luxurious tastewith custom-made, uniquely designed products



Refinish the outdated tub or upgrade to freestanding luxury classic or modern baths

Consider energy-efficientoptions to conserve water and electricity

Chose handheld sprayer or showerheads for morefunction/convenienceor dual showerheads (wall-mount) for an over-the-top and exhilarating experience

For our lovers of technology, consider smartoptions!


Light/Hardware Fixtures

Creativityis the key to not only set your setting apart from usual but also to saveyou money (Examples: antique fixtures like chandelier with candles or repainted-wood knobs)

Consider energy-efficientoptions



While staying with the basic white, only change the seat and matching accessories for a new look or get a total redo with installing electronic-powered oneswith unique shapes and intelligent features!

Consider low-flow, low-energy versions